Page Turn Episode 012

Hello and welcome to Episode Twelve of Page Turn: the Largo Public Library Podcast! This is your host, Hannah. Page Turn is a monthly podcast bringing you information about great books, fun library tidbits, upcoming library events and a Spanish language book review. Whatever gremlin was in the wires for Victor’s Book review on Episode Nine has appeared again in my microphone!

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The Spanish Language Book Review begins at 23:58 and ends at 27:34
The English Language Transcript can be found below

But as always we start with Reader’s Advisory!

The Reader’s Advisory for Episode Twelve is Wish You Were Here by Rite Mae Brown. If you like Wish You Were Here you should also check out: Better Off Read by Nora Page, Delicious and Suspicious by Riley Adams and Elizabeth Spann Craig, and Cat on the Edge by Shirley Rousseau Murphy.

My personal favorite Goodreads list Wish You Were Here is on is Dog Books Where the Dog Doesn’t Die.

Today’s Library Tidbit comes to us from Patti Buster and the Leepa-Rattner Museum of Art. The Leepa-Rattner and the Palm Harbor Library hold a bookclub, the ABC Book Club and recently they read the LTAP Community Read A Piece of the World . Patti came over and we talked about the the Leepa-Rattner, A Piece of the World , and art.

And now it’s time for Book Traveler, with Victor:
Hi. Welcome to Book Traveler. My name is Victor and I am the Community Outreach Librarian here at the Largo Public Library. Today I’m going to talk about a fiction book we have in the Spanish collection titled A Dog’s Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron.

Comforting, deep, and full of moments of happiness and laughter, A Dog’s Purpose is not only the emotional story of the multiple lives of a dog, it is also the story of human relationships as seen from the eyes of a dog, and of the unbreakable links that exist between man and his best friend.

This moving story teaches us that love never dies, that our true friends will always be by our side, and that every creature on Earth has been born with a purpose.

To say that I liked A Dog’s Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron a lot, is drastic understatement. I must let you know that I love dogs so I came to this very biased in its favor.

The first thing that makes the special story is the dog’s account of things, which brings to the book very funny moments by the curious way in which they appreciate the world that surrounds them and also removes some of the hardness to the sad moments.

The second thing is that it is not a novel about a dog’s life. The dog lives several lives, and in each of them has to find his purpose in the world. The first time he is not aware of it, but what he learns helps him in the second life and so forth in each of his reincarnations.

Our four-legged protagonist shows us what life is like for a dog. The hunger he feels when he has to find food in the trash to survive. His sadness when his human family leaves him alone for such absurd things as going to school or work. Whether he’ll survive or not in a kennel depends on his beauty and health. The incredible work of rescue dogs, and the cruelty of dog breeding.

Bailey, (which is his name for most of the book), also describes with great detail his life from puppy to adult, his relationships with other dogs, how he perceives his owners’ love, how proud he is when he has been a good dog, how stupid horses are, how terribly evil some humans are, and how weird cats are.

Leaving aside the “dog” part of the book, it is a story to reflect on, especially about whether we come to the world with any purpose. Bailey thinks so. He thinks that we are all born to help someone. And maybe it’s true. Throughout our lives we help our family, our friends or our partners in some way. Maybe we are not aware of it, but if we think a little, we all remember someone who left an indelible mark on us.

It is a book that I recommend to both people who like dogs and those who simply want to enjoy a story told with simplicity and that reaches the heart.

That’s all for today. Until the next edition of Book Traveler. See you later.

Thanks everyone for listening some upcoming library events to keep track of:
April 2nd National Archives: Ordering Date at 6:00pm in the Local History Room
April 3rd Last Word Book Club Discussion Group at 6:00pm in the Local History Room
April 8th Poets Live! At 6:30pm in the 1st Floor Quiet Reading Room
April 9th Sunshine State Book Club: Lemons at 6:00pm in the Children’s Program Room
April 10th Book Talking with Iris at 12:00pm in the Local History Room
April 13th Wake Up With the Library at 9:00am
-Registration is Required
April 17th Adult Sign Language at 6:00pm in Jenkins Room C
April 18th Irish Genealogy Interest Group at 1:00pm in Jenkins Room A
April 20th Migration Patterns in the US at 11:00am in Jenkins Room B
April 22nd Pre-K Steam Station at 1:00pm in the Children’s Program Room
April 24th Adult Sign Language at 6:00pm in Jenkins Room C
April 27th Art Hops in the library

We hope you have a great month and we’ll talk to you again soon.

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