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Hello and welcome to Episode Fifteen of Page Turn: the Largo Public Library Podcast. I’m your host, Hannah!

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The Spanish Language Book Review begins at 9:02 and ends at 13:20
The English Language Transcript can be found below

But as always we start with Reader’s Advisory!

The Reader’s Advisory for Episode Fifteen is Paradise Lost by John Milton. If you like Paradise Lost you should also check out: The Divine Comedy by Dante, The Faerie Queen by Edmund Spenser, and The Epic of Gilgamesh .

My personal favorite Goodreads list Paradise Lost is on is Calling All Reptiles!.

Today’s Library Tidbit comes to us from the Bookmobile.

The Largo Public Library Bookmobile is live! On the bookmobile you’ll find, standard print fiction, large print fiction, DVDs, Audiobooks, and Children’s items. The materials on the bookmobile can only be checked out on the bookmobile, so if you’re looking for something that has a long holds list find a stop and see if the bookmobile has it available. You can check out their schedule here. We think that not being able to make it to our physical building shouldn’t exclude you from enjoying the library. If you want a stop near to you put in your request right here.

And now it’s time for Book Traveler, with Victor:
Welcome to a new edition of Book Traveler. My name is Victor and I am the Community Outreach Librarian here at the Largo Public Library. In this segment I am going to talk about two books that we have in the collection in Spanish. This month’s books are Quierete Mucho and El ciclo del Amor by Gabriel J Martin.

These books are non-fiction and are self-help books for the gay community.

To begin I’ll give you a little synopsis of the book:

Quiérete mucho or Love Yourself is the expression with which the author says goodbye to readers in each of his articles on gay affirmative psychology. In this book, the author explains in a rigorously scientific way how homosexuality is one more of all the possible manifestations of the sexual-affective diversity of the human being and how, if we overcome the consequences that homophobia has left us, we can live fully, assertively and happy.

Quiérete mucho is the first book of gay psychology, and self-help, published and edited in Spanish.

In this self-help book, everything related to homosexuality is told in a scientific way. They are divided into five parts, all different from each other and each one specifically addresses a topic. At the end of the book there is an annex that talks about, among other topics, the cause of homosexuality, LGBT pride day and the brief history of the LGBT movement.

Here is a summary of what the five parts of the book are about.

• Part 1: addresses homosexuality, its origin and its presence through the centuries in other cultures.
• Part 2: is where the author talks about sexual orientation, and when it develops.
• Part 3: the author talks about homophobia, from its different types, sequels to the “plumophobia” and internalized homophobia.
• Part 4: the author destroys different stereotypes and myths about gay culture, including promiscuity.
• Part 5: is a notebook of activities and tests to overcome the anxiety and fear of the aftermath of homophobic bullying.

Grabriel J Martin’s second book is The Cycle of Love. This second book has the same structure as the first, that is, it is divided into five different parts, and within each part there are different chapters.

• Part 1: talks about gay love and the psychologist Sternberg and his studies
• Part 2: here the author helps us to dismantle the myths of romantic love, also how to avoid toxic relationships and to live happily single.
• Part 3: It is the longest and most interesting part, since it shows the struggles and signs of a failing relationship, from the beginning of a relationship until the crisis and then the subsequent emotional breakdown. In this chapter the author also talks about HIV and monogamy.
• Part 4: In this part we are told about mourning and its functions, the different stages that exist and we must pass when our relationship breaks down.
• Part 5: In this last chapter we are told about the different types of relationship that exist (polyamory, open relationships, couples at a distance, etc.)

The books are great and very easy to understand because Gabriel J Martin always gives practical examples of what is explained. They are geared towards gay men but anyone can find something interesting and useful.

One of the characteristics that makes Gabriel J Martin unique is the humor he includes in his books, which allows us to find a bit of human warmth in subjects that would generally be strong and complicated.

That is all for today. Until the next edition of Book Traveler. Adios.

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